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Though a person might assume they’re going to live a long and healthy life, there are always issues that could cause them to become incapacitated for a period of time or accidents that could cause their death. It’s important to have a will created to ensure loved ones know what to do in case of a death, but there are other considerations that need to be made as well. Anyone who wants to prepare for what could happen will want to speak with an estate lawyer.

What Services are Offered by an Estate Lawyer?

Estate lawyers offer a large number of services to help minimize issues and ensure a person’s wishes are followed if they are disabled or if they pass away.

  • Living Will – This provides instructions for what the person wants to happen if they are disabled and cannot make decisions on their own anymore.
  • Provide for Family – Create a way to provide for family members in case of their death. This includes guardianship and trusts for minors and trusts for other family members they might help financially.
  • Minimize Issues – Create documents to handle the person’s estate to minimize probate, taxes, and other issues that could arise.
  • Provide Instructions for Family – Create a document to explain what they want to family members so their wishes will be respected once they have passed away.

How Old Does a Person Need to Be to Speak With an Estate Lawyer?

A person needs to be of legal age to create documents like a will. They do not have to be older, and anyone who is legally old enough to sign contracts or enter into agreements is legally old enough to create a will and other documents to prepare for the unexpected. It’s recommended for a person to create the basic documents while younger and adjust or add to them as they age.

Are you wondering, what does an estate lawyer do? The above examples are just some of the services they can help you with. Take the time to contact an estate lawyer for a consultation today to learn more about how they can help you prepare for the unknown and to ensure you have all of the proper paperwork already completed just in case anything does happen. This will help take care of your loved ones should anything happen to you.