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Advancements in laser technology have allowed manufacturers to streamline a vast number of production techniques, and these improvements increase the speed and accuracy of which work can be completed. One task that has been made extremely easy is engraving, as a laser can cut custom lettering or images into nearly any surface, and with extreme precision. The best way to get full enjoyment of laser cutting equipment is to outfit a unit with a variety of accessories, which will make maintenance simple and expand the overall uses for the machine.

Rotary Attachment

A rotary attachment is designed to attach to the etching application compartment of a laser cutting device, and it will rotate an item as it is being engraved, which prevents a user from being limited to only using the device on flat items. The rotary attachment is simple to remove and clean and will allow anyone to customize a wide array of products with the press of a button.

Water Chiller Coolant System

As a laser operates, it will become hot, and while most systems come with a standard air cooling system, they may not adequately keep the device at a safe temperature which can lead to temporary shutdowns. A chilling water system will circulate cold water through the laser cutting device, which will prevent the temperature from increasing and allow the machine to operate continuously.

Focal Lens Cleaning Kits

To increase the accuracy of the device, the laser is shot through a lens tube that helps to reduce the size of the laser while delivering nearly perfect accuracy during the etching process. If this lens becomes dirty, it can cause the laser to stop function or lead to engravings that are not accurate in size or location. Be sure to keep a lens cleaning kit on hand, so any dust or debris can be removed before it compromises the integrity of the finished product.

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