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Understanding Trauma and How to Heal it Sever encounters in the past can leave a person in trauma or have a traumatic experience and in this experience it is the emotion that has taken the better hold of a person than his reasoning which therapists are aware of. This is irrational because our basic neurological wiring for survival starts to dictate our behavior. It is because the mind is no longer in control that people in trauma experiences this traumatic despair that is scary, frightening, painful, and not bound by time. This means that whatever triggered that person to pass that experience even though the immediate situation is now different, its rational sense of past or future shuts down to allow that traumatic situation of take place and permitting an irrational behavior to dominate in order for that person, in his or her thoughts to survive. An indication that the brain does not want to resolve the trauma is when someone is in a state where visual imagery, rapid observation, and complex breathing takes place. The therapist then has to device a way to help the patient recover their rational brain function so that they can think clearly and start accepting that the traumatic experience is past and there is no longer any threat of talking bout it. The therapist must resolve this problem.
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A person under trauma produces stress chemicals in the body; which has no outlet. A distress message from the brain which the adrenals receive will trigger the release of adrenalin and cortisol which are hormones that will either make the person fight or flee. if a person is placed in a situation where he cannot fight and he cannot flee, where he is trapped and stuck, then the person freezes if the hormone is dissipated. This is how trauma starts.
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There is a boost of oxygen and glucose supply to the brain and muscles when the fight or flight hormones are released into the blood stream. This results in the dilation of the blood vessels and air passages. The muscles then get more blood and the lungs get more oxygen. Therefore a good way to dispel hormonal disorders and prevent the patient from suffering a chemical imbalance in the brain is for that person to undergo physical exercise instead of pumping relaxants and other forms of medication. If the person learns how to relax the body, then it can greatly help in dispelling hormonal disorders. In a relaxed body, the rational part of the brain can function more prominently than its emotional part. And a lot of trauma therapy sessions is based on putting the body and the mind in a relaxed state. It would also include an exposure to traumatic memories. With an objective mind, the trauma healing can have more success.