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How to Properly Maintain your Sprinkler System

It is a fact that sprinkler system is advantageous as compared to manual watering technique for your lawn. Your lawn must have a specific time to be watered and to do so, having a sprinkler system is the key. What you can do is to set your sprinkler system at your preferred schedule. With sprinkler system, you don’t have to worry about your lawn.

But to continue the efficiency of your sprinkler system, you need to ensure it is well maintained. Maintaining a sprinkler system will depend on the type of sprinkler you have installed in your lawn and the quality it possesses. Although you can still apply the standard maintenance steps as a basic procedure to all types of sprinkler so as to ensure that lawn care is preserved as well as the water efficiency.
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The most common and basic issue that any sprinkler usually faces is the leakage. If leaks or holes are found in your sprinkler hose device, this means that over-watering is experienced. Thus, creating a small pool of water where the hole is located. Your sprinklers will definitely rust since the constant wetness in the leak will cause the sprinkler device to rust on that particular area. You need to observe your sprinkler system at all times so that you can easily detect whether there is changes on the water pressure or obstruction. This can easily determine whether leakage is present or not. If you continue to use a sprinkler system with leaks, this will damage the growth of your plants and grass. Once clogging is present, that area will cause a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects that are harmful. This will also cause water wastage that is known to be harmful to the environment.

Even the valves get rusted, too. Due to the cast iron substance, rusting will always happen and corrosion since the reaction to chemicals in the air and water will result to it. Once rust is present, the effect to the water flow is evident due to the reduction of water flow through the valve. If these happen, you need to immediately call for assistance and check up from an expert so that replacement will be done immediately if recommended. When there is replacement of parts, a non-rusting metal is highly recommended.

Once you have an efficient sprinkler system, this will definitely deliver a beautiful lawn. Most of us keep the sprinklers for a very long time already, and if this happens, over irrigation will be the outcome. This will result to decrease in quality of your entire lawn. When this happens, there is draining of the soil elements that will result to the dying of the grass that is very noticeable in patches. You also need to check the direction of the sprinklers when it waters the lawn so that those areas that aren’t hit can be addressed.